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Tufts College Placement Bureau




Career Services (1900-present), is an office developed to assist students with career development and job hunting. It also provdes counseling, resume preparation, internship listings and career panels and resources.

Career Services (1900-present) was established in 1900 by the Alumni Council and the Trustees of the College and was called the Placement Bureau. The bureau functioned as a clearinghouse and referral agency for graduating students. Office name went through many changes, starting as the Employment Bureau (Tufts College Catalog 1921-22, 47). Revived in 1929 as the Placement Bureau (Light on the Hill, 435). In 1933, it became the Department of Personnel & Vocational Guidance. The department's new scope included hiring a psychologist to help students with orientation, studying, mental hygiene and other issues. Freshman counseling was established in this office in 1936-37 school year and became permanent. The Committee on Student Employment was also established in 1936, and its services were designed to help undergraduate students find part-time jobs. In tandem with this, a Placement Office was created for alumni in 1936 (Light on the Hill, 658).

The office was first located in Ballou Hall, then moved to Eaton Memorial Hall in the 1920s. From 1973-1987, the office was called Career Guidance and Placement and was located in Bolles Hall, 226 College Ave., Medford, MA (Facilities Management, UA021/001). From 1987-1999, the office was called Career Planning Center, with a shortening to Career Planning in 1990. In 1999, the name was changed to Career Services and was moved to the Dowling Hall Student Services Center, 419 Boston Ave., Medford, MA.

The Career Services Office is administered by the Division of Student Services, which is overseen by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.

Incomplete list of former directors:

  • Lester William Collins, 1936-1946 Director of Tufts Placement Service
  • William C. Wrenn ?-1975 Director of Career Guidance and Placement,
  • Jeffry R. Gibson 1975-1977/1978 Director of Career Guidance and Placement,
  • Joanne Hadlock 1978-1984 Director of Career Guidance and Placement
  • Andrew J. Thomson 1984-?
  • Jean Papalia ?-2010 (present)