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Office of Admissions and Financial Aid



  • Existence: 1852



Financial Services (1852-present) was established in 1852, when the university was founded (Light on the Hill, 82). The office is responsible for processing students' tuition payments, and for providing information on financial aid, university accounts and billing, student employment and student loan repayment.

Financial Services (1852-present) was established in 1852, when the university was founded (Light on the Hill, 82). This office was originally called the Treasurer's Office and it was where students paid tuition bills (Light on the Hill, 358). It was originally located in Ballou Hall, also known as the main campus building prior to 1899 (Tufts College Catalogue 1894-1895, 63).

The bursar's office, which used to be located in Miner Hall, was considered part of financial services. The first Bursar was the Rev. William A. Smart in 1894. Eventually, the bursar's office was placed under the Registrar's office (Light on the Hill, 358).

During the 1980s, the office had a window operating out of Sweet Hall, 419 Boston Ave. Medford, MA (which later became the site of Dowling Hall in 2000), where students would pick up and sign for their financial aid loans. Students could also pick up second semester loans in Eaton Hall (Office of Financial Aid records, UA038). From 197X to 1980, The Office of Financial Aid was located in Ballou Hall. In the summer of 1980, the office was moved to 128 Professors Row, the old Fulton Hall. The office is currently located in Dowling Hall.

Occasionally, President John Albert Cousens would have student files from the bursar's office transferred to him if students were having trouble paying tuition and bills. So specific accounts would fall under his office.

Scholarships and other financial aids were overseen by the Scholarships and Aids committee, which was part of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Awards are made by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the faculty. Scholarship applications had to be originally filed with the bursar (Tufts College Catalogue 1900-1901, 145).

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